House rules

  1. Dogs and other pets are not allowed. With effect from 1 January 2004, it is forbidden for new guests to bring dogs. Guests who were previously allowed to have a dog on the campsite before this date, can still bring a dog.
  2. Visitors should report to the reception, and should leave the campsite no later than 10 p.m. Visitors can park on the side of the road before the gate, outside the campsite.
  3. For every camping space, one car is allowed on the parking lot of the campsite. Visitors should park their car outside the campsite. The guest or his visitor are not allowed to make use of the parking space of another guest who is not using his parking space.
  4. At the reception desk can be rented a safe-deposit box.
  5. Campers are not allowed to dig holes or drains. In case of violation of this rule a fee of € 12,00 per squere meter will be charged to cover the cost of reestablishment.
  6. It is forbidden to drive cars, motorcycles and/or mopeds on the campsite. Mopeds and motorcycles may be parked on the camping space, but you must switch off the engine at the entrance of the campsite.
  7. It is forbidden to be a nuisance for other guests and/or visitors.
  8. Noise pollution must be avoided whenever possible. All machines and/or tools that make noise may not be audible outside the camping area.
  9. Silence should be observed from 10.00 p.m. until 08.00 a.m. next morning.
  10. Guests and visitors are forbidden to sell goods, no matter in what form.
  11. Playing football is not allowed.
  12. Waste should only be disposed of in the suitable containers. Waste containers can be found at the entrance of the campsite. Leftovers of ash and coal from the Barbecue may not be put in the containers until they have been put out and cooled down.
  13. Campers are obliged to keep the site clean. It is not allowed to dump waste between plants or in ditches.
  14. Using electrical equipment at the same time with a common power above 2200 Watt (10A) is not allowed. Working on or making modifications to electrical installations is stricty prohibited. A fee of € 25,00 will be charged for necessary repairs in case of power failure caused by fuse of overload
  15. Instructions for using the toilet building.
  16. Please remember to flush the toilet after you have used it.
  17. You can obtain coins for warm water at the reception. These coins work in the showers, baby bath and the washing machine space, for the manual laundry.
  18. Other coins are available for the washing machines and the dryers.
  19. The dishwashing space should only be used for doing the dishes and washing vegetables, potatoes, etc. The “glutton” (special toilet) you find there is meant to dispose fluid leftovers of food, like fat or soup. You may not put solid food in it: this must go in the bin. It is also forbidden to empty a chemical toilet in the glutton.
  20. The warm water in the dishwashing space is only free for the purpose of washing dishes. It is not allowed to get water from the kitchen for any other reason, and you should make use of the warm water coins instead.
  21. It is not allowed to empty chemical toilet bins and/or dirty water in the toilets (like in the dishwashing space). There is a special place for this, which is indicated with "chem".
  22. Tapping water or filling the water tank may only be done in the laundry space. You can also get warm water here, with the coins.
  23. In the male and female washing areas there is a special basin to wash your feet. The toilet paper should only be used in the toilets, it should not be used as a towel.
  24. Guests should always use their own washing areas.
  25. You may not use the sinks in these spaces to wash clothes or to clean vegetables, not even if you cannot get access to the appropriate rooms.
  26. The toilets, washing facilities, shower cubicles, dishwashing space, laundry space and chemical toilet space should always be left as clean as possible.
  27. While the toilets and washing, facilities are being cleaned, the guest should keep out of the way. There are no fixed cleaning times, but these facilities are cleaned every day
  28. It is forbidden to cut hair in the toilet building.
  29. Any damage to the toilet building will be charged to the person responsible for that damage.
  30. Children below 7 may not enter the toilet building without the supervision of an adult.
  31. Parents should make sure that the toilet building is not used as a playground.

Final provision:

Any circumstances not covered by these rules are subject to the decision of the managment.