1.       Introduction

Nearly every website makes use of cookies. This goes for , as well. We are legally obligated to inform you regarding and to request your permission for it.

In the following, you can read what cookies are, what cookies we make use of, and how you can deactivate them. By accepting our privacy and cookie policy, you permit us automatically to apply cookies.

2.       What is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny file which, when you visit our website, remembers your preferences during surfing and stores them on your (own) computer. A cookie does not store personal information such as your name, address, or age. They merely remember your preferences and interests on the basis of your surfing behaviour. These preferences are retrieved when you revisit our website later on.

3.       What do we use these cookies for?

For, we make use of cookies and related techniques for the following purposes:

  • We wish to let our website match optimally with the needs of our visitors.
  • We collect data on our visitors to create and analyse statistic on the use of our website.

4.       What cookies does use?

For a number of the points below, the registration of visitors’ behaviour is essential. We enable this by making use of the cookies and related techniques below.

4.1 Functional cookies
Functional cookies are necessary to let a service or web shop function (even better). These cookies make sure, for instance, that information from a page is retained on following pages. Take, for example, the preferential settings you may have entered for our website, the remembering of personal data you fill out on forms, and log-in information.

4.2 Analytical cookies
On, Google Analytics has been installed. This means analytical cookies are left behind to keep visitors’ statistics. It allows us to gain better insight into the functioning of the website. We subsequently use that information to let the website match as well as possible with the wishes of our visitors.

4.3 Unforeseen cookies
Due to changes to the functioning of the internet, our website, and telecom legislation, it may happen that our privacy and cookie policy is not entirely up-to-date. We naturally do our best to implement changes as soon as possible. Have you spotted something which is not completely updated? Please let us know.

5.       Disabling cookies

You can visit our website without cookies as well. In that case, however, we can no longer offer you the optimal user’s experience. Do you still want to disable the cookies? You can do so through your browser. Through the links below, you can find information on how to arrange the settings for this on the four most widely used browsers:

Do you use multiple computers and/or browsers? Remember that you must disable the cookies for each computer and browser separately!